Sublime Text 4.0
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Sublime Text 4.0

Edit code with supports of various programming and scripting languages
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Although you can use any standard text editor to write code, it is always a good idea to use one specifically designed for that purpose. Rather than a word processor, Sublime Text is a code editor that supports various programming and scripting languages. The program has a nice streamlined tabbed interface, which supports working on various documents simultaneously. It is also possible to change its appearance by switching between the multiple themes available.

The editor supports all those features that are available from most code editors. These include autocompletion, syntax highlighting and code folding. In this respect, it is remarkable that the program can automatically complete code even when using user-created variables. Good news is that it supports a long list of programming languages of which it recognizes their reserved words and specific syntax. To help you, the tool highlights text in various colors, which you can customize using various themes as well. In addition, it is good that it supports folding code, which allows selectively hiding parts of the text to focus on others.

The tool has very advanced search-and-replace features, which allow case-sensitive searches. Moreover, you have the opportunity to enter or modify a text string in different parts of the document at the same time, thanks to the possibility of using multiple cursors.

In my opinion, the best advantage of this program comes from its customizability: there are numerous plugins that enable customizing the editor with IDE-like features. Luckily, you can use a package manager to help you find, install and update plugins. For instance, there are plugins to synchronize your source files on an FTP server, compare files and manage CSS code.

The program is very light and loads quite quickly; yet, this does not mean it is not powerful. Fortunately, it works perfectly with very heavy files. By the way, the tool can show a minimap, which facilitates navigating long documents.

In a nutshell, Sublime Text is a good option for code editing as it is very light, fast and customizable. What is more, it works on various platforms and there is even a portable version. The weakest point of Sublime Text is that it may not be the most appropriate tool of this type for beginners. Unluckily, changing the default settings is not as easy as I would like it to be. Finally, although the product is shareware, it has a really generous trial period.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Multi-platform
  • Code autocompletion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Features expandable by plugins
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Multiple cursors
  • Code folding
  • Support of multiple programming languages


  • Difficult to configure


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